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Edifici Bronze

Architect : Orobitg – Architecture and Urbanism
Construction Area : 2.594 m²
Project : 2009
Construction : 2010/11
Cost :   —

The building is located at Dr. Mitjavilastreet, near the bridge of Paris, in Andorra la Vella, with excellent luminosity and views.
As a singularity in the field of structural engineering we should highlight the diaphanous areas reached at the parking area, offices and commercial levels, as no supports between walls permit spans up to 10 meters .
As a strategy to promote savings in energy consumption it has opted for high quality passive insulation systems (fabric, windows and walls) and the use of renewable energy to supply hot water, heating (floor heating) and air conditioning. In this case, we chose the benefits of reversible vapor compression cycle of a refrigerant (heat pump), just exchanging heat/cool with forced circulation of ambient air. (aerothermal systems).