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Edifici Santuré III

Client : Casa Fusil·ler
Architect : Orobitg – Architecture and Urbanism
Construction Area : 2.929 m²
Project : 2009
Construction : 2010/11
Cost :

The building is located at “Clot d’Emprivat”, the most important commercial area in the country.
It has been taken into account all new standards in energy efficiency in buildings, and the result is a facade with particularly low transmittance values, production of hot water is reinforced with solar thermal systems and heating works with tank-type dynamic radiators with independent thermostats for each stay.
In addition, lighting in common areas and in homes is performed with LED technology to minimize overall electrical power consumption of the building.
The structure of the building is also unusual for constructions of this size, it has no supports just to give maximum flexibility in uses and distributions (garage, commercial and office floors). We have worked with post-tensioned slabs, 25/35 cm depth, with spans up to 13 m.