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Edifici Santuré IV

Client : Casa Fusil·ler
Architect : Orobitg – Architecture and Urbanism
Construction Area : 8.200 m²
Pre-Project : 2012
Construction :
Cost :

The building will be located in Carlemany street, in the most important commercial area in the country.
The pre-Project is finished.
The program is distributed in three levels of basements for parking, three levels of commercial area, four floors for offices and apartments, and a panoramic restaurant at the penthouse.
It will be applied all new standards in energy efficiency in buildings. It is envisaged the use of the piles in foundations as thermopiles, it means that we will use these structural elements for supporting the energy exchanging with the soil, which is the basis of the ground source heat pump systems for heating and cooling.
The structure of the building will be in reinforced concrete with post-tensioned slabs with spans up to 12 m.