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A multidisciplinary team of technicians, specialists in different fields, develops the projects with commitment and rigor.

We are currently re-structuring the team due to strategies and new plans of expansion and collaborations in Andorra and abroad.

Ob.engineering is always interested in hearing about enthusiastic and motivated technicians who want to undertake new challenges and add value to our team.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV

Joel Orobitg is the CEO and founder :

He studied Industrial Engineering (Meng 5 year program) at Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyers Industrials de Terrassa, in Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Since 1998 he has combined the development of projects with further training in various specialties. In 2002 he finished an MSc in Architectural Structures and in 2006 he graduated the taught stage of the PhD program in Advanced Engineering in Construction , also in Barcelona at the same university. This period was interesting to improve the approach to advanced topics in design, calculation and modeling of structures (structural dynamics, nonlinearity, earthquake resistant design).

Aiming to acquire an in-depth knowledge of engineerings in buildings and see how they are related towards the main objective of designing sustainably, he opted to move to London in 2011 and study a Msc in Building Services Engineering at London South Bank University.

A wide background developing important projects in many different types of buildings endorses a career that spans over 15 years. This has created a base of knowledge and experience that permit him to assume with confidence and optimism the challenges that are still to come.

Member of the institution of Engineers in Andorra
Member of the institution of Industrial Engineers in Catalonia, Spain
Member of the Association of structural consultants in Catalonia, Spain
Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers (IstructE) – UK