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Sport Wellness Mountain Spa

Client : Grup Calbó
Architect : Orobitg – Architecture and Urbanism
Construction area : 5.100 m²
Project : 2005/06
Contruction : 2007/09
Cost :

This spa wellness center is a reference in Europe. It is a unique space where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience: 5000 m² of peace, an oasis of calm, silence, far from the crowd.
We made a cut in the terrain just next to the main road up to 20 meters of height; the front was mostly slate rocks where we had to spary shotcrete and fix passive bolts.
The structural project was a big challenge. We built a skeleton of reinforced concrete, from which we specially mention some singular elements, such as stairs with stepped form in cantilever, very slender columns, gable roofs with attics and skylights, swimming pools at different levels and none of them resting on foundations, steel braces to control large cantilever areas…
Furthermore, the building services project has been the most complex design we have ever worked so far. We worked closely with the most reputed European trademarks in the wellness sector to realize this unique and complete project. Every detail of each of the functional areas of engineering was important and it had to be consistent and be compatible each other. Heating/Cooling, water systems and grids, electrical power, lighting, acoustics, security, telecommunications, IT … everything had to serve to the same goal, excellence in operations.